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Thank you to everyone who has donated money to us so far. Once you have selected a prison pen-pal to correspond with, you have the option of sending your first message free of charge. Some one is listening in on the conversation.


An untried prisoner shall be allowed to inform immediately his family of his detention and shall be given all reasonable facilities for communicating with his family and friends, and for receiving visits from them, subject only to restrictions and supervision as are necessary in write a prisoner forum general trading interests of the administration of justice and of the security and good order of the institution.

To have put something in pillow case and beaten somebody with it until their face becomes bruised or a "pumpkin head. The policy of confining a group of prisoners or an entire prison to cells.

Group beating given to a prisoner to see if he will stand up for himself. Call for help, sometimes derogitory towards officers. We encourage prisoners to write about subjects they care about rather than short blurbs about their favorite things and who they want to hook up with. Prisoners who walk the track on the exercise yard together, as in the illustration.

Solitary confinement, segregation, disciplinary detention cells. Explicitly political literature should only be sent if the prisoner specifically requests it. MI Hit the Bricks: An untried prisoner shall be allowed to procure at his own expense or at the expense of a third party such books, newspapers, writing materials and other means of occupation as are compatible with the interests of the administration of justice and the security and good order of the institution.

General US Prison slang

By officers, to tell prisoners to go ahead and file a grievance. Except for those limitations that are demonstrably necessitated by the fact of incarceration, all prisoners shall retain the human rights and fundamental freedoms set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and, where the State concerned is a party, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Optional Protocol thereto, as well as such other rights as are set out in other United Nations covenants.

A complete idiot who has no pull in the prison. Prisoner who is a rape victim. We believe that something as simple as writing letters can make a huge difference to the lives of prisoners. A member of the Old School. One who has the values of a "convict" when prisoners paid more respect to each other.

It made us smile and happy that we are trying. The process of implementing further restrictions at mainline prisons, resembling segregation units. Line to receive perscribed medications.

He got that gangster. FL Off the Hook: Homemade cell wine, also called hooch or pruno. To be written up by an officer.

Let Me Bounce Your Car: Interviews between the prisoner and his legal adviser may be within sight but not within the hearing of a police or institution official. A phrase used to describe time spent at Angola State Prison in Louisiana, which is surrounded by rivers on three sides.The prisoner must give names and identify criminal activity.

This is the only means available to a prisoner to establish that they have left a prison gang and should be released from segregation. Having become an informant, the prisoner must rely on the Department of Corrections to protect them. I received a letter from a prisoner in response to one I had published in the Guardian.

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Write a prisoner forum general trading
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