Why the government should continue to fund public education essay

Almost all the documented social benefits of the arts have been achieved not by people attending plays and concerts but by those who participate in them. A good transportation system facilitates the movement of goods and services.

The intent is to lay a solid foundation for long-term economic growth. The arts are the decorations, the sculptures and all other things which are not at all necessary.

And instead reduces them to the lowest common denominator, so to speak.

Should Government Spend or Invest Money?

In other words, classic investment-style government spending. In fact, of course, British theatre in particular has been subverting such notions ever since the emergence of John Osborne, Arnold Wesker and Joan Littlewood nearly 60 years ago.

The amount of money spent on schools has gone from 4. Lets explain it with an example of a house. So the best thing state and local governments can do is to devise a sound, long-term strategy of investment in infrastructure, education, research and economic development, and stick to it.

In our personal lives, spending is surrendering money now in order to get some good or service in return. Considering the economy, we should abandon the arts and concentrate on improving the sciences which have led to the present developed society.

Margaret Thatcher sought to shift power from the producer to the consumer. The arts only provide us with entertainment and pleasure and has no major contribution to the economy or improving the quality of life.

The intent is to stimulate spending now. In truth, the government sometimes just spends money -- which can be good in the short term and bad in the long term. In addition, there is mounting proof of the social value of the arts: This argument was clearly attractive to the largely Labour councillors running such cities in the s.

Sadly, McMaster failed to reckon with the recession, the deficit and a consequent pressure to justify arts spending in terms comparable to those used to defend threatened social and educational services. What good are the arts? Basic research helps lay the foundation for new commercial products.

But the arts do it all the time. During the 80s, in the arts as in so many other spheres of life, Margaret Thatcher sought to shift power from the producer to the consumer, using the market to disempower the provocative from political theatre groups to the high avant garde in favour of the populist.

Should Government Spend or Invest Money?

Why should we fund the arts?

Nor are they all places with low taxes and low regulation, though some of them are. Behind the latter policy lay a theory of artistic value that you could call patrician: For instance, students are taught that paying more in taxes is good and that people who object to supporting schools or the needy through taxation are greedy and uncaring.

It is not the role of advertisers, architects, antique sellers, computer game manufacturers or fashion designers to challenge the way society is run. Increasingly, such benefits are presented not as happy byproducts of artistic activity and therefore able to be provided by other agencies more cost-effectively but as part of its very essence.

Will spending or investment make any difference to the economy in the short run?Why should we fund the arts? David Edgar.

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and that they should contribute to the government's social objectives, particularly urban regeneration and combating social exclusion. most public.

The government should. The government has standards that a teacher must use, where a public school can set standards as low as they please. Some people say that government schools teach "herd mentality" and "accepting authority" um.

Why the government should continue to fund public education. The government should continue to fund public schools because they provide a baseline education that is enough to make someone a functioning citizen of society.

And two, if money does matter, should the federal government make sure that poor schools get what they need? Money Clearly Matters in Education A new study confirms that state dollars improve the.

Should Government Spend or Invest Money? training and education. These investments cut across all agencies and all levels of government, and they all have a demonstrable long-term payoff. How we should be funding public schools in the 21st century The U.S.

Department of Education’s Equity and Excellence Commission report of set out a roadmap for solving the connection.

Why the government should continue to fund public education essay
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