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We see the kind part of this wild animal yet again. BIRDS page one hundred seventy-three The lack of the birds in this scene indicates that something is out of order, it makes Robert suspicious and astute.

May we take off our caps? DOG page one hundred sixty-one Robert leaves the dog. He is also an idealist, hindered by youth and inexperience. Remembering that Meggy is symbolic for patriotism is why Robert joined the war: Although rats are seen as annoying creatures, Robert does not want to take the life of anything and leaves us feeling the fear he feels.

The geese are oblivious to the turmoil going on around them. There, they meet the three other men that live in the dugout: Robert is saved but badly burned, and all the horses and possibly the dog are killed. FROG page one hundred thirty-eight More sketches.

TOAD page one hundred thirty-eight Toad is described as "sentimental nuance, plain, grumpy This is the second half of a battle that the Canadians thought was already over.

Rowena had ten rabbits that she looked after and kept as pets while she was alive, but Mrs. He frees horses from the train and flees the area with them. However, the doors of the barn are locked.

On land, Harris died two days before Robert was scheduled to leave for France. Robert begins to think about the dilemma of killing someone or something. However, Robert learns that Harris has already been cremated. These soldiers although very different will stick together.

Here Robert sees Taffler having sadomasochistic [1] sex with another man. Dog is black which could symbolize danger near by. Robert runs away, as he knows he will be court-martialed for disobeying orders.

The horse is used as transportation here. Robert then returns to the front.

This brought joy to the people. Robert is instructed to place the guns in a crater that is formed by the shelling attacks. This gives the reader the image of just how many men must be there compared to the horses. The appearance of this animal is describing how Robert feels.

Robert suffers great guilt [6] over the accidental death of his sister, Rowena, who died from a fall onto cement ground in the barn. BARN page seventy-two Soldiers would sleep in any place along their travels.

HORSES page one hundred seventy-four Horse walking in circles shows that it is still rattled from what has just happened. BIRDS page seventy-six The birds flew away and left the soldiers feeling empty, for the birds were companions.

The dog was also a companion for the horse. From the very beginning when he is first introduced, he plays the game of hitting bottles off of posts with stones, displaying strength and perfect accuracy.

He was a French man who was angry that Robert was English. Robert acted as her guardian for most of his life. They eventually reach the dugout that will be their temporary home.

While scouting ahead in the fog, he falls into a muddy sinkhole and nearly drowns.

Robert turns down an offer of euthanasia from a nurse from Bois de Madeleine hospital before being sent to England and tried in absentia. While struggling to kill the horse, he fires and misses many times before landing his shots.Free Essay: The Use of Animal Imagery in The Wars Timothy Findley's The Wars describes the history of Robert Ross, a Second Lieutenant in the Canadian Army.

The Wars study guide contains a biography of Timothy Findley, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. ― Timothy Findley, The Wars. tags: the-wars. 1 likes. Like “Houses, trees and fields of flax once flourished here.

Summers had been blue with flowers. Now it was a shallow sea of stinking grey from end to end. And this is where you fought the war.” ― Timothy Findley, The Wars. tags. The Wars by Timothy Findley: Pre-Writing Notes Secondary Sources “The Wars remains Findley’s most-discussed book.

Based partly on the wartime violence, loneliness, a concern for animal rights, and the survival of the individual in a world of madness. Findley believes that a writer has a responsibility to speak out about. The Wars is a novel by Timothy Findley that follows Robert Ross, Robert's desperate attempts to save animals throughout his war experiences reflects his love for the dead animal-loving sister.

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Robert's pistol is a powerful symbol of authority and security. It is also a tool with which Robert vents his violent feelings, such as when Publication date: Free Essay: Animal Imagery in Timothy Findley’s The Wars Sigmund Freud once argued that "our species has a volcanic potential to erupt in aggression.

The wars timothy findley animal symbol
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