Should housewives be paid

The running of a home, far from being just simple chores, has been and remains one of the bedrocks o Then we complain and ridicule as the new generations show evident qualities of lacking social, moral and behavioural attitutudes.

Italian campaigners call for housewives to be paid a salary

Look for example at how nurses and doctors are paid compared to footballers. Bongiorno says she knows this last point will prove the most controversial. The proposal envisages a monthly allowance being paid to the home worker either by the Italian state or, in households with a "significant income", by their spouse or partner.

What should a babysitter get paid? This depends on the person and their experience. Love, compassion, morale, kindness, individuality, self respect and selflessness, these are just some of the qualities that well executed motherhood and wifehood nurture and sustain Should housewives be paid our society.

Housewives Should Be Paid for Their Work

I am strongly against this. Why should income tax be paid? They are the backbone of a family orientated society. Why do farmers not get paid as much as they should? How much should an executor get paid? The key fact about homekeeping is that even if it is hard work, and demanding - it is voluntary.

One suitable for humans, or a place built as though we were machines. As well as being important, housework is physically taxing, time consuming and in balancing the needs of a household, a relatively specialised task.

Firstly, physical coercion is still regrettably common in the home, and rarely reported when it exists. If you can afford to pay them. Should college athletes be paid?

Equalising the rights, roles and access to wealth in the household is an important step towards empowering women, and ensuring equal opportunity for future generations by showing that household roles are not defined by gender. Where is our compassion and empathy?


The happiness and wellbeing of the individual is a worthy cause to our race. If business partners sign a contract which circumstance means is no longer representative of the work they do, then the partners should have a right to re-negotiate.

Plus, it depends on how many children you are babysittng, I charge a dollar more per hour per extra child. Should students get paid for grades? As such there is no threat of economic problems. There is only one way of doing so: The executor can charge a reasonable rate for their time and expenses.

Soon after the plan was publicly mooted, commentators began to express alarm at its implications. We are humans are we not? Charity work can be taxing and specialised, but society recognises this does not require payment either.Italian campaigners call for housewives to be paid a salary adding that women who chose to work at home should be rewarded, not humiliated.

The proposal envisages a monthly allowance being. I think housewives should be paid for their work. But, by pay I don’t mean a wage. They deserve utmost care, respect, love and importance for the work they do.

Just because a. Yes Housewives should be paid. Housewives and mothers have very demanding jobs. As we can see by this question, they are not respected for what they do nor do they get paid.

Do you think housewives should be paid for the work they do Join our debate below. Housewives Are More Responsible Mothers Than Working Women We should dramatically increase the rate of income tax paid by the rich Unemployment benefit should be paid in the form of vouchers for food.

How much should you get paid to babysit?

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Should housewives be paid
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