Procurement outsourcing

Additionally, several consulting companies offer procurement outsourcing services in a limited manner, mainly focusing on strategic inputs or recommendations. WNS focuses on tactical steps such as maintaining accurate spend data, optimizing payment cycle terms, eliminating errors in invoices help optimize the procure-to-pay cycle.

Procurement outsourcing

Global Delivery GEP has pioneered a global operations model for delivering strategic sourcing and other high-value procurement business process outsourcing services. Others that do not have the market leverage to obtain good discounts or the expertise to find good suppliers or purchasing staff are also turning to outsourcing procurement.

Outsourcing Procurement – Benefits vs Problems

Their consultants have experience of handling large cost optimization or process improvement projects for thousands of man hours. Indirect procurement Indirect procurement is the act of purchasing goods, services Procurement outsourcing supplies required to keep day to day business alive.

Their solutions are flexible, sustainable and technologically robust. Procurement categories[ edit ] Procurement specialists usually split procurement activities into two parts: Off-shore resources are effective for routine or transactional activities, sourcing analytics, market research, spot buys and even leading RFPs when client and vendor communications can be managed remotely.

Procurement outsourcing also provides other strategic advantages that are equally valuable and compelling, including: Continuity of service There is a hand over time that needs to be managed so that products continue to be delivered during this time.

Market leverage allowing for better discounts. Learn more about category expertise at GEP. The following table lists the most frequently outsourced procurement activities.

GEP is committed to bring together the most comprehensive procurement services portfolio in the industry, innovative cloud-based software, global operations capabilities and tailored solutions.

Flexibility Procurement outsourcing helps firms to quickly ramp up or down their procurement teams to match rapidly changing market needs. They have a deep pool of best practices, market intelligence, price benchmarks, sourcing tools and contracting templates gained from managing billions of dollars of spend for their clients.

A true end-to-end procurement operations provider, GEP combines a dedicated procurement consulting offering with BPO and software services.

Webcast The Categorical Imperative: Check out the list of useful procurement outsourcing companies that are worth to be approached: Time Is Money As companies seek to squeeze more profits in slow economic conditions, procurement has come to the forefront of the CXO agenda.

As the spend affected is most often quite substantial, procurement outsourcing delivers a very attractive return on investment. The reporting is provided via an interactive and customizable procurement dashboard that allows drill-down to non-compliance causes at a category, BU or supplier level and enables timely corrective actions.Outsourcing procurement is often undertaken by very large companies to save money.

Procurement requires a great deal of focus on cost saving, profit maximization and compliance.

Procurement Outsourcing FAQ

Often good procurement strategies can be the difference between a profitable company and a failed business. Reduce internal procurement expenses by up to 30% across different industries and scopes. We source materials of need while improving procurement lead times and operational expenses.

We deliver what we promise. Procurement outsourcing constitutes a growing dimension of corporate procurement strategy. To date, procurement outsourcing has mostly been limited to the transactional purchase-to-pay process rather than the more strategic aspects of procurement.

GEP provides a comprehensive set of indirect procurement BPO services, including category management, strategic sourcing and source-to-pay procurement operations. Procurement outsourcing FAQ: What is procurement outsourcing?

Why outsource procurement activities? What are the real benefits of procurement outsourcing? Gartner IT Sourcing & Procurement Summit covers topics on vendor management, strategic sourcing, it asset management, cost optimization & more.


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Procurement outsourcing
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