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Work cited Page http: The Camaro was the second highest car to sell in nation wide, with over 80, cars sold in that one year.

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It had maximum speed of miles per hour and went 0 to 60 mph in 4. The horse power of the engine that came out of the engine was around hp. This paper will provide an overview on the main features of this type of cars, their technology and their influence on the industry and the auto market.

Muscle Cars

The first car that made this happen come true was the67 Pontiac GTO. By the beginning of the s, all major auto brands, such as Ford, Dodge and Pontiac offered muscle cars at the heart of their showrooms. They were high school students during the golden days of muscle cars and now, at their late 50s, many of them collect and restore classic muscle cars models as a hobby which takes them back to their youth.

People were lured into buying cars like a kids are drawn into a candy shop. Conclusion In this paper, I tried to summarize the major features of this car category. But restoring a vehicle is not so easy now in days. The next decade, however, marked the end of the category.

Copying a model like the mustangs, but not as fast a mustang D. Muscle Cars represented the way the nation thought and the way they went about there daily life. There where muscle cars for the young men and for also the mature men in world.

Great competition car and muscle car IX. ByChrysler offered two models of that kind — the Hemi whose production started in and, most importantly, the C, which offered no less than hp on a V8 engine, more than a double than the Rocket.

The tortured suspensions swings and reacts Leffingwell The Pontiac had potential and took it, the way the car it looks. The Pontiac was a big surprise for many muscle lovers. During the second half of the s Detroit shifted its focus to smaller categories. The Destruction of the Magnificent Era Greatness could only last so long and the years it did last were exceptional.

Muscle cars started going on a constant decline starting with and then hit a nose dive and died in They all share several features. Automobile Ford Mustang A. These cars were built for only one purpose, that was to go from point A to B in the fastest possible time and people did just that.

Online communities and specialized businesses supports this phenomenon, which keeps a piece of American car history on the road.

Second highest selling muscle car C.View Essay - Muscle car speech (Rodriguez) from HCOM at California State University, Fullerton. Muscle Cars Today I am here to talk to you about Muscle cars. Muscle cars have been around for%(1). In an adrenaline pumping race of performance. According to Fast Muscle by Gabbard and Gabbard, “The decade began with Ford, GM, and Chrysler in an expanding cubic inch and horsepower war.

C. Thesis statement: Although there were many American Muscle cars created in the 60’s only three were widely recognized. D. A muscle car era that impacted Americans so much that they were car crazy Muscle cars have a high performance vehicle, coming from an American made two door coupes with powerful engines that can maximize the performance of the vehicle.

The words, "American Muscle Car," bring two cars to mind, the Camaro Z28 and the Mustang GT. Both cars have been around for generations and loved by all types of people. Ford debuted its Mustang in and Chevrolet's response to Ford's fast selling pony car, the Camaro, debuted in /5(3).

Muscle cars were being produced by many different manufacturers in the early ’s, including Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford and Pontiac. In the ’s bigger was considered better.

These muscle cars gained weight and inches with every year that past. A muscle car was just a smaller vehicle with two passengers and that had V8 engine put into the vehicle. After the war so many people bought many vehicles and especially the best cars, such as the Mustangs and Camaro’s.

There where muscle cars for the young men and for also the mature men in world.

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