Mediocrity in america

It lets its poor die. Its poor downtrodden, unhealthy, under-educated and depressed workforce cannot surely believe it towers above all others in some sort of World Worker Idol type way?

I have lived in the United States for ten years. Obama has a combination that is rare in a modern politician. President Trump, rather than holding a hard line with Russian President Vladimir Putin at their summit in Helsinki, essentially sided with the enemy by attacking U.

But a cancer lives among us, and the good people of this country must be precise in its excision. I thank you, my fellow Americans! I wanted to become a citizen in time to vote on November 4th, but the immigration system of America is a little slower than it was when I first came here and I will not be sworn in properly in time.

My faith in the institutions and the individuals who conferred upon us a singular role in the history of humankind is yet unshaken. It is waging two wars.

Why Is America So Content With Mediocrity?

Is loyalty the value that Republicans vaunt above all others? When Obama began his presidential campaign I was so inspired that I decided to start the process to become a naturalized citizen of this country.

Smile, shout out to class 3, ignore question, on. History will note when, and by whose hand, America ceased to be great. It is entering a depression. Nor was he ever, notwithstanding a column I wrote just before Election Daysaying that America would survive no matter who won.

He is the son of Mediocrity in america former president, grandson of a senator, and was born into a multi-million dollar family.

It has an administration so blatantly corrupt that the world is baulking at its arrogance. He has the rhetoric and the charisma to inspire whole swathes of the hitherto dispossessed to engage in the political system.

This despite Mueller having just issued 12 indictments against Russians believed to be involved in hacking the computer networks of Democratic organizations.

She can be contacted at: The United States is running the risk of turning into class-bases society, similar to those seen in Europe.

The whole experience surely bonded him further with Putin, who favors a state-run media and rules a nation where journalists who become troublesome are often killed. But he also has the intelligence and the sophistication to deal both in big ideas and incredibly detailed plans.

She looked at me, a little hurt. Where does this leave us? By Kathleen Parker Read Article Surely, now, we can concede that letting Trump be Trump has exhausted itself — even among the smugly credulous.

I thought I might have gone a little too far. But then I thought that would make me a churlish, smart-arsed, lefty stereotype and alienate the very people I want to try to hear me.

But back to the Republican pundit: According to the article and many studies, this opportunity is decreasing and if nothing is done, the very ideals on which our country stands could no longer exist.

Our country instills the idea that anyone has the opportunity to become president. The wealthiest people are staying wealthy while the poorest are staying poor.

If so, why are its bosses firing so many of them and giving the jobs to people in other countries?HUDSON BEND RD AUSTIN, TX () Pages. Site Reviews Store Locations5/5. Kathleen Parker: Trump’s failures put America on path to mediocrity – or worse. If Republicans won't try to stop the damage, then voters should elect people who will.

The War against Excellence: The Rising Tide of Mediocrity in America's Middle Schools [Cheri Pierson Yecke, Bill Bennett] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.


Here, veteran teacher Cheri Pierson Yecke details the chronological history of the middle school movement in the U. S. by tracing its evolution from academically-oriented junior /5(9). However, the point is that I want to be a part of America's future, of its potential, because I am fed up with mediocrity.

Obama has a combination that is rare in a modern politician. If the point was to create a paean to mediocrity, then Linklater has made maybe the definitive work on the subject. August 30, Does the mediocrity of the job market mean that America no longer needs people who deal with abstractions?

Richard Hofstadter and America’s New Wave of Anti-Intellectualism. David Masciotra. March 9. Andrew Rodriguez's Mediocrity in America is a work of cultural criticism, imagined from the perspective of Titan, a pet dog.

In thirteen concise chapters, Titan shares his musings on topics that include the deficiencies of higher education, the rise of vulgarity, and the demise of cultural literacy.5/5(2).

Mediocrity in america
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