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I was a bank manager and I had worked in the same bank since I was seventeen. Soon, he is introduced to Wilson and the two spend a lot of time together, drinking and talking. He was amiable and polite.

I would like to know the plot of the short story entitled

I found I had just enough to buy an annuity for twenty-five years. But as a result either of the charcoal poisoning or of the shock he was no longer in complete possession of his faculties. I could get from door to door in thirty-seven minutes. He managed to hang on after this fashion for something over a year.

He grudges the cost of his keep. He did not move as we approached, but I felt that he was watching us. William Delaney Certified Educator Somerset Maugham was a successful author of plays in his early career. Wilson did not look very interesting, but I wanted to meet him.

When you live in a place like this, with all its associations, it seems to make history so actual.

The Lotus Eater

For what he had just said looked indeed as though there might be something after all in the singular story I had heard. Wilson seems like an existentialist. There were two cities; and in Sybaris they just enjoyed life and had a good time, and in Crotona they were hardy and industrious and all that.

The food was good, for Antonio was an excellent cook, and the wine came from his own vineyard. But when they are old enough to retire they may be too old to do much of anything but sit and read the newspaper or watch television.

These observations are trite, but there they are. We turned round and leaning our backs against the parapet looked at the people who were sauntering to and fro. She had been keeping him now for two years. A year after that holiday, Wilson had given up his job in London as a bank manager to live a life of simplicity and enjoyment in a small cottage on Capri.

When Assunta came to take him from the hospital he went with her without remark. It disposes them kindly towards you if you suffer them to impart information.

We were strolling along a narrow path through an olive grove. By the side of the door grew a great oleander in full flower. It would carry me on till I was sixty. His only passion was for the beauty of nature, and he sought felicity in the simple and natural things that life offers to everyone.

An image of the Virgin and priests, acolytes swinging censers, and a whole crowd of jolly, laughing, excited people, a lot of them all dressed up. He had to pay for his twenty-five years of pleasure with six years of misery living in a woodshed before he finally died.The Lotus Eater is a short story written by Somerset Maugham in The story is set in and is of a man Thomas Wilson who comes to the island of Capri in Italy for a holiday.

“The Lotus Eater”: An analysis by Sommerset Maugham. Background • Lotus eater – a person who lives an idle, comfortable life, does not think/care very much about anything. • Setting - On the beautiful island of Capri, Italy.

The places mentioned are the small, comfortable cottage Wilson lives in before the age of 60 as well as the. The Lotus Eater by Somerset Maugham is a story about the pursuit of happiness.

It tells of a man who quits his job, sells all of his possessions, and with a bit of savings decides to move to the island of Capri, Italy, to spend the rest of his life there, living a life of leisure/5.

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The Lotus Eater by W. Somerset Maugham. Increase Font Size Decrease Font Size. Most people, the vast majority in fact, lead the lives that circumstances have thrust upon them, and though some repine, looking upon themselves as round pegs in square holes, and think that if things had been different they might have made a much better showing.

Explain the character of Thomas Wilsom in Somerset Maugham's

The Lotus Eater" is a short story written by W. Somerset Maugham in and loosely based on the life story of John Ellingham Brooks.

It was included in the .

Lotus eater somerset maugham
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