India of my dreams skit writing activity

Just a few days ago I had to file an RTI application to get my work done in one of those government departments.

India of My Dreams

She turns towards a building, hoping it would brighten things up. The officer verifies all the necessary papers. Though she looked like any normal woman, her noble and dignified demeanor set her apart from everyone else in the place.

The man hands out the money bitterly cursing under his breath Man: It is unlikely that the government would continue accepting changes to the model. It could be either on the orders of the court based on an appeal whose decision is awaited, or by the government prior to the elections, seeking to assuage the armed forces.

One lady is seen amongst the crowd. This is unfair… then what is he paid by the government for? But then her spirits rose a little.

When the spirit behind the NFU is assessed, a few issues would need to be resolved before it is implemented. Corruption in India thrives on our indifference and ignorance.

These two key issues must be amicably resolved to enhance satisfaction and reduce litigation. It cannot be simply duplicated. Where are the leaders who are responsible for all this disorder and chaos?? He may even tear the CC in anger and you will never get it. Further, its implementation should not lead to increased legal cases.

And she rushed off without a second glance. When the above is considered in totality, it emerges that NFU when granted to the defence services must be different in nature and form. The first is that while an officer who has been superseded would be granted an equivalent upgrade as those of his colleagues who have risen, he would not get the same privileges and status.

Traditionally, the Group A services have been senior to the allied services. There have been multiple cases in the past, the Ex-Servicemen Compensatory Health Service ECHS being a prime example, where the concept has been copied from the civilian model, in this case the Central Government Health Scheme, and implementation failed only because an in-depth study involving specific armed forces requirements had not been factored in.India of My Dreams I love my India and want it to be the best in the world.

It has the talent and capability. The state has constantly deteriorated in last six decades. The downfall is due to low quality, incompetent and corrupt leadership, unaccountable, equally corrupt.

These are my written entries for Blog Challenges or what ever activity shows up. Notice the songs section part and challenges entries. Enjoy!

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan: Making India Clean & More. I have a passion for writing on anything that interests me. That’s how we are full fill the dreams of clean India. My only suggestion is.  India of my dreams India-my motherland, with its mighty Himalayas looks like a golden bird flying high all above the sky with its cultures, traditions and with many advanced developments in science and technology.

I am very proud to be an Indian. Compeer: And that my dear friends, is the end of the skit.

Corruption in India thrives on our indifference and ignorance. Many of us are going to face corruption one day or the other, and when we do, we should be sure that we don’t yield to this vice.

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India of my dreams skit writing activity
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