Hoops book report walter dean myers

The book also has a lot of basketball game sections that people who like basketball would enjoy. A Time To Love: Lonnie is very suspicious because he saw the checks unburned.

What is the plot of Hoops by Walter Dean Myers?

At the center Lonnie finds Paul. Eventually Lonnie finds out about a basketball tournament that is happening. The same thing with Paul. The book is also slightly difficult to understand because there is some slang terms that people mostly in the city use.

She also says that she had to pay a young boy to help with her groceries because Lonnie was not around.

If he wins he will coach. Instead he just watches. While the criminals are herding staff and customers into the back, Lonnie grabs a case of scotch to sell.

Tales of a Dead King — Two American teenagers uncover a plot to rob the tomb of an Egyptian pharoah. The next week and a half the team practiced hard. He is a senior in high school and is feeling tense about what his next steps in life will be.

Teen, 13 years old Written by keaira April 9, not rated for age Add your rating See all 11 kid reviews. He has an arrangement with the manager of a hotel called The Grant where he does some cleaning in exchange for a place to sleep. Lonnie then needs to go and says goodbye. Cal tells him that the wants to show Lonnie something.

Hoops Summary

Stories from the Old Testament — This stunning collaboration from Myers and his son Christopher is a treatment of six Old Testament stories, written from alternate points of view, offering new perspective on age-old stories.

I recommended that basketball players and fans read this book because it will teach you lessons about basketball and life together in one book. Hoops seems at first to be an action-packed sports novel but is soon revealed as a moral tale about choices and integrity.

Walter Dean Myers

The two play a game, this time Lonnie gives it is all. Ambush in the Amazon — While camping in the Amazon, Chris and his brother Ken try to save a tribal village from the attacks of what appears to be a reincarnated swamp monster. Lonnie thanks Tyrone for his story and leaves.

Lonnie decides that it is time to start finding out what Paul was doing. The Black Pearl and the Ghost — Two stories: Lonnie tells her that they will steal the letter and find out what is in it.

Lonnie catches up with Paul again. He rarely lives at home with his mother since he has a job working at a local motel. Lonnie finds this as a perfect opportunity to play pro ball. His only chance to escape poverty comes with a basketball tournament for street kids -- Lonnie confidently expects to emerge as a leading player and get a scholarship.

Lonnie tries not to hurt Paul to much because he knows they are still friends.Report abuse. Transcript of Hoops by Walter Dean Myers. This is a building on Lenox avenue in New York.

This is a part of the setting in the book. This is also a picture of ninth avenue in New York a place they talked about in the book as well Hoops by Walter Dean Myers.

Hoops by Walter Dean Myers is a realistic fiction book about a year-old named Lonnie Jackson who is always playing basketball and struggles to live in the ghetto. Lonnie who has a ton of talent in basketball, dreams of playing in professional basketball/5.

LibraryThing Review User Review - br13sats - LibraryThing. The book “Hoops” by Walter Dean Myers was unlike any other book I have ever read.4/5(5). Report abuse Transcript of Hoops by Wlater Dean Myers Matthew Brockelman English Period 7 HOOPS By Walter Dean Myers -The Protagonist is the main character Lonnie Jackson who like all people from Harlem has an attitude and plays basketball and turns out he is pretty good like college scouts are looking at him but his attitude and weird.

Mar 21,  · Hoops Part 1 Author- Walter Dean Myers Chapters Summary The book starts of with a character named Lonnie Jackson. He lives with his mother, his father left them when Lonnie was young.

Lonnie has an okay relationship with him mother. Hoops part 2; Hoops Part 1; A Thousand Splendid Part 3. Hoops, by Walter Dean Myers is a fast paced, action packed, fictional novel that focuses on Lonnie's love for basketball; as he lives in a dangerous environment.4/5(92).

Hoops book report walter dean myers
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