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Provide one example the culturally competent nurse applies to each of the four 4 selected guidelines. As an emergency room nurse in a small rural hospital, I was present when an elderly Native American man was brought to the emergency room by his wife, sons, and daughters. Nursing staff were concerned because the mother appeared unable to bond with her new infant.

But, how can I relax? Provide a specific example and rationale to support your response. I needed the homemade food which was cooked with herbs, and only my wife knew how to make it.

At least one example must address care of patient s not occurring in an acute care hospital. Describe whether cultural practices must be accommodated in all aspects of health care.

She provided basic care for him, such as feeding and changing his diapers, but refused to cuddle him or show any outward signs of maternal-infant bonding. Using your own words, define culturally competent nursing care.

In these situations, the need for culturally competent care is strikingly evident, as the following anecdote illustrates. At least one 1 feature must address chronic illness and at least one 1 feature must address end of life care. Compose your Culturally sensitive nursing care essays using a word processor or other software as appropriate and save it frequently to your computer.

Provide a total of four 4 nursing interventions that demonstrate nursing care, which reflect the respect for the dignity and uniqueness of those cultural features for patients experiencing chronic illness 2 interventions and at the end of their lives 2 interventions.

Lack of awareness of these concerns among the intensive care nurses resulted in several comments offered by one Chinese patient. This reality is especially true in critical care units, where patients with life-threatening illnesses are treated. A minimum of three 3 current professional references must be provided.

Additionally, a textbook that is no more than one 1 edition old may be used. Galanti 8 illustrates the importance of culturally competent care with an example of a newborn Vietnamese boy too ill to be discharged home with his mother. By consulting a nurse who specialized in transcultural nursing care, the staff learned that many persons from rural Vietnam believe that spirits are attracted to newborns and are likely to harm the infants.

The paper consists of two 2 parts and must be submitted by the close of week six 6. Use a 12 font size, double space your work and use APA format for citations, references, and overall format.

Consequently, parents do everything they can to avoid attracting attention to their new infants. The seeming lack of concern and bonding in this case reflected an intense love for the infant, rather than a lack of bonding. Asian Native American Hispanic Select four 4 cultural features, associated with the selected culture that influence the provision of nursing care for patients with chronic illness and at the end of their lives.

Describe how the four 4 cultural features influence the provision of care to the patients. The patient died 2 weeks and 2 code blues later, and was intubated and receiving mechanical ventilation for most of that time.

No family members were present when he died except for his wife. He had a history of 2 previous myocardial infarctions, and his current clinical findings suggested he was having another.

The rest of his family members were unable to afford the cost of traveling to a healthcare facility that far from home.

Culturally Competent Nursing Care

Chinese patients in the study believed that physical energy was depleted during a dyspnea episode and that uninterrupted rest, sleep, and nutritional support allowed the body to recharge afterward.

Select one of the following cultures and focus on the direct caregiving role of the RN at the bedside: Current references include professional publications and valid websites dated within five 5 years. Support your definition with a professional literature citation.

Five components of cultural competence were proposed: Lack of cultural awareness and failure to provide culturally competent care can greatly increase the stresses experienced by critically ill patients and can result in inadequate care provided by healthcare professionals.

Essays Using APA format, write a paper that examines culturally sensitive nursing care. Culturally Competent Nursing Care The increasingly multicultural profile of the US population requires that nurses provide culturally competent nursing care. Part 1 — Introduction Address the following: Identify four 4 guidelines the registered professional nurse may use to enhance the ability to provide culturally competent nursing care.HOME Free Essays Culturally Competent Paper.

Culturally Competent Paper Essay. A. Pages Words This is just a sample. To get a unique essay. Hire Writer. Incorporating culturally competent care in nursing practices Self-awareness is the initial step that every registered nurse should take before trying to understand their patients.

culturally sensitive nursing care

What Is The Impact Of Culture Nursing Essay. Nurses need to implement their knowledge of cultural diversity to develop a culturally sensitive nursing care.

This enables nurses to be more effective in initiating nursing assessments and serving as patient’s advocates. Transcultural care is transferred into practice through a nursing. ESSAYS POWERED BY. Login; Join; Home Page Home Page; Nursing and culturally Sensitive Care Essay; Nursing and culturally Sensitive Care Essay.

Submitted By Buster-Kroemer Angela Kroemer Western Governors University RTT Task One: Nursing Sensitive Indicators An important aspect of nursing care, nursing-sensitive indicators.

A Guide to Culturally Competent Nursing Care. Posted July 22, by Brian Neese. Cultural respect is vital to reduce health disparities and improve access to high-quality healthcare that is responsive to patients’ needs, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Nurses must respond to changing patient demographics to provide. In addition, the aim of being culturally sensitive is also that we recognize our biases and assumptions against a specific culture, but we cannot label or stereotype all the individuals in that culture, as each person is unique (Srivastava, ).

Culturally Competent Nursing Care. The American Nurses Association recognized the need to provide culturally competent care and stated in the association’s code that nurses, in all professional relationships, should.

Culturally sensitive nursing care essays
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