Csr activities carried out by the

ESSCI believes the outcome must justify the investments and must create a social environment where the skilled workforce are gainfully employed or supported in starting their business. In executing its responsibility, CRO provides the Risk Management Division which is in charge of compliance issues and Risk Management with an appropriate instruction and guidance.

This results in creation of trained and skilled manpower and they are supported with employment or helped in setting their own entrepreneurial ventures with support from the government programmes like the start jut India- Stand up India or the Mudra scheme.

Activity based learning with Mini Science Center models are effective in improving quality of education and encourage science learning among students. The regulations vary depending on the station and are often very restrictive, like the European regulation requiring the incineration of any elements having been in contact with food for international flights.

The trainings began in the year and ESSCI trained over candidates in several job roles across the country.

Efforts as a Supplier (Consider the work environment at manufacturing sites)

Lastly, products which are not distributed to passengers during the flight, and can potentially be conserved, like biscuits and snacks, sugar, salt, bottled water and soft drinks, are recovered and reinserted in the flow of meal trays prepared for the following flights.

At Air France, the ongoing move up-market for the medium and long-haul cabins with the installation of new seats has been accompanied by the implementation of a recycling and dismantling process for the old seats ranging from the reuse and recycling of components to the recovery of foams and metals.

In a similar way many more can be covered. LED Mechanical Assembly Operator Leadership of the CEO The year brought about a sharp growth in the revenue under the dynamic leadership of its CEO N K Mohapatra, who has leveraged his experience as a technocrat and a marketing professional in taking the council on a new trajectory.

In recent years, we have been actively recycling waste plastics, waste tires, and other waste materials. Reducing waste also provides a financial opportunity: The government can be instrumental in supporting the initiatives to help to spread the message and support the activities.

This also leads to creation of trained manpower and providing jobs to the trained workforce. Inwe significantly reduced our noise footprint by withdrawing Boeing s from operational service and introducing the This program has brought together schools, 10, educators and 30 social organizations across 17 states in the country to create a complete reform in the field of education.

The main thrust and spirit of the law is not to monitor but to generate conducive environment for enabling the corporates to conduct themselves in a socially responsible manner, while contributing towards human development goals of the country.

These NGOS can help in mobilizing and support activities related to skills development in electronics. In the restructuring of the workspace at its headquarters, Air France chose to assign the work of treating used and surplus office furniture to partners who contribute to a creation of solidarity economy and promote professional integration.

We work in partnership with the players in the aeronautics industry to promote circular economy and identify potential sources of recycling and reprocessing facilities: Some work is also being carried out using Dynamic Light Scattering technique.


This is clearly demonstrated with the ESSCI skilling 2 candidates and supporting them beyond the training. The awards ceremonies were held in Marchat Aiden Vietnam Ltd. Whether contribution in kind can be monetized to be shown as CSR expenditure?

In the first year, it conducts a questionnaire survey and an on-site inspection of suppliers on seven categories, such as compliance, environment-friendliness, and safety. Outcome measurement to demonstrate proper use of the fund and fulfil the purpose. In fiscal we will implement the following measures: Activities shall, as far as possible, be implemented in a project mode.WHO/CDS/CSR/ISR/ WHO Recommended Surveillance Standards.

Second edition This document has been produced jointly. India CSR Summit and Exhibition, hosted by NGOBOX, is the biggest CSR event in India.

Sh. P.P Choudhary

The event is attended by over CEOs, CSR Heads, CSR Managers, NGO Leaders, Development sector professionals, CSR advisors and social entrepreneurs. Compliance Structure. The Group has formulated a Compliance Policy, and the Compliance Department handles the information gathering and the planning, proposal-making, and facilitation of compliance systems.

36th ANNUAL REPORT 1 ANNUAL REPORT ON CSR ACTIVITIES 1. A brief outline of the Company’s CSR Policy, including overview of projects or programs proposed to be undertaken. 1. Introduction.

Ushodaya Enterprises Private Limited (UEPL) is committed to good Corporate Citizenship and has a firm belief that businesses are key organs of the society, which have an underlying responsibility towards empowering people and ensuring sustainable development in the overall interest of the Society and the eco system in.

SECTION CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY EXEMPTION Section shall not apply for a period of five years from the commencement of business of a.

Csr activities carried out by the
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