Contemporary evangelism

When an ox and a donkey are yoked up together they are involved with the same work. We can sing it in songs. Yet, something has happened to biblical evangelism. Should we encourage, assist or cooperate with religious leaders who are not sound in the faith?

He alluded to God 20 times in a short discourse, plainly teaching Who God is so that his hearers had a context out of which to hear the message of sin, salvation, and judgment.

Contemporary Evangelism

They had been preaching the Gospel, but with no understanding of the death of Christ for sin. Faith was not mentioned—yet were saved. The first is within the scope of Biblical evangelism; the second can only be considered ecumenical compromise.

Only those whose natures have been changed can escape the wrath of God and live in the light of His love and mercy. God desires all men to be saved and to come to a full knowledge of the truth 1 Tim. Our greatest joy should be seeing believers walking in truth 3 John 4; 2 John 4.

Paul described his own preaching as the proclamation of the Kingdom of God Acts Love maintains a sound doctrinal position 2 Tim. After escaping a death plot there, he was brought before Felix, the Roman governor. We must understand that the God Who made the Heavens and the earth is holy, unspeakably holy.

There are no ordinary people.

10 Important Things We’ve Forgotten About Evangelism

The early church did both! McRaney also discusses a phenomenon that is even more damaging to a Christian witness in a postmodern culture—a lack of love within the body of Christ. This prejudice is nothing new; Jesus dealt with it in Luke We should be concerned for every person on the face of the earth.

Consequently, the modern Gospel at best is a truncated, deficient message; at worst, it is another Gospel. We may not think of it that way, but it becomes clear that this is true if we carefully read the infallible text before us.

We cringe at the idea of God actually hating, because we are more comfortable with Him as a God of love, which He certainly is. Thus, to preach Him as Savior without preaching Him as Lord is to damage the Gospel, to destroy the principle truth of discipleship, and to undermine the idea of Christ as ruler of the nations.

When Paul spoke at Mars Hill in Acts In other words, biblical evangelism must present Who Christ is and what He has done to save sinners; these two must always go together. Sometimes we see evangelism as a slavish obligation, something we do wincing with our eyes shut.

Modern Evangelism in a Postmodern World

Paul makes the answer abundantly clear in verse He was betrayed and arrested in Jerusalem where he had opportunity to preach before the Sanhedrin. Biblical evangelism calls sinful people to repentance and believe on Christ.In the post-Christian, post-modern age in which we live, the methods of evangelism have to change in order to keep the mission alive.

By the way, if you’re wondering what the post-Christian mind looks like, this study from the Barna Group outlines 15 criteria that delineate the trend.

So what’s changing in evangelism? More than you might think. Evangelism is not about winning an argument, it’s about preaching the gospel.

The word evangelism literally means to bring the good message. Paul made it clear in 1 Corinthians that preaching the gospel is not about intellectual superiority, it’s about Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Download or subscribe to the free course by Liberty University, Contemporary Evangelism.

Contemporary Evangelism and the Biblical Good News. by Anthony Buzzard. The contemporary invitation to accept salvation runs along the following lines. Biblical evangelism – The good news and the bad news The word "gospel" means "good news." While many well-meaning Christians begin their evangelistic efforts with the good news of God’s love for mankind, that message is lost on unbelievers who must first come to.

To understand the difference between biblical and modern evangelism and to grasp why the difference is crucial, we must consider these things: 1.

God designed and authorized biblical evangelism, 2.

God has authorized only one message for evangelism, 3.

Contemporary evangelism
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