Chemistry u2 einstein photoelectric effect essay

But he was confident that the Einstein theory must now be reckoned with, and that our conceptions of the fabric of the universe must be fundamentally altered.

That left plenty of time to think about physics. For the historian of science this presents an intriguing puzzle. Oxford University Press, Einstein to Born, December 4, New York Times, April 3,p. Einstein entered the Swiss Federal Polytechnic School, located in Zurich, in to learn to teach physics and mathematics.

Notoriously conservative lest they make an award for work later found to be incorrect, the Nobel committee maintained that the evidence for general relativity was still insufficient.

At this time Einstein spoke English only with great difficulty and he was never comfortable lecturing or discussing science in anything but German and had to rely on others to translate for him. The deviation from the straight line path followed in empty space would be small, but it should, Einstein calculated, be large enough to be observed during a total eclipse of the sun.

Finally, inEinstein was awarded the Nobel Prize for physics. In a question of breathtaking simplicity and depth, Einstein asked: The two papers on special relativity attracted immediate attention. After a series of brief teaching appointments in Bern, Zurich and Prague, in Einstein was elected to the Prussian Academy of Sciences and appointed to a salaried, non-teaching research position in Berlin.

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Meanwhile, each year, Einstein was being nominated for the physics prize, with growing insistence and impatience, by virtually all the major physicists.

In his nomination speech to the Prussian Academy Planck captured the sense of excitement Einstein had generated.

By the time Einstein made his second visit to the United States eight years later, he had become a genuine celebrity. Thus it is no surprise that Einstein, who rejected the concept of a personal God, was so often asked to compare science and religion.

In addition to completing the first full version of the general theory of relativity, Einstein did further work on the properties of light quanta and began exploring the implications of the general theory for cosmology.

Albert Einstein

Indeed, the question might even be reversed; how did Einstein project himself and his work in such a way that it captured and shaped the public concept of what science should be? This speed depends only on the electrical and magnetic properties of the medium, but not on the motion of the source or of the observer.

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The second reason for interest was that the problem had stubbornly resisted solution. Einstein was quite aware that the new generation of physicists considered his efforts irrelevant. At the same time, the Einstein correspondence, now becoming available, is showing that, if the Einstein legend was a creation of the media, Einstein was no mere passive subject in the process.

During the few minutes of total eclipse they photographed the background stars visible near the edge of the darkened sun.

A Life, New York: The existence of a wave-particle duality was, for him, simple evidence that a deeper understanding must be sought.

But his scores in physics and mathematics were so strong he was admitted, pending a remedial year in a Swiss boarding school. This duality in the nature of light would haunt Einstein for the rest of his life.Instead Einstein was honored “for his services to theoretical physics, and especially for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect.” 25 That Einstein’s most radical theory was honored by its most conservative institution remains one of the great ironies of modern science.

The Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Albert Einstein "for his services to Theoretical Physics, and especially for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect". Skip to content Chemistry Medicine Literature Peace Economic Sciences. Chemistry (7th Edition) Edit editions Solutions for Chapter 7 Problem 6P Problem 6P: What new idea about light did Einstein use to explain the photoelectric effect?

The photoelectric effect is a phenomenon in which electrons are emitted from the surface of matter (usually metals) when light shines on it. Einstein explained the effect by proposing that light consists of small particles, or quanta, called photons, which carry energy that is proportional to the frequency of light.

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1) In Einstein interpreted the “photoelectric effect” of light, a phenomenon that cannot be explained by the wave theory of light. (2) When a photon strikes an electron, the resulting action is analogous to the collision of billiard balls.

Chemistry u2 einstein photoelectric effect essay
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