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Meanwhile, Nick has is ambivalent towards Jordan. Symbolically, the car represents the type of life Jordan has. Throughout the novel, Nick Carraway becomes disillusioned with the wealthy lifestyle of those on the East Coast, disgusted by Gatsby most of the book due to his wild parties, ostentatious dress and manners, as well as his shady dealings.

If the fact that she cheated was Carelessness essay to higher authorities, her golf career would have ended. Problems can arise when you show an extreme amount of care towards others as well as yourself.

Carelessness in the Great Gatsby Essay Sample

Carelessness essay Tom Buchanan is most definitely one of the most awful characters in The Great Gatsby with not only his boastfulness, but his seemingly bubbling need to show off his house and money to Nick Carraway.

Thus, it is possible to suppose that in this novel, white only seems to symbolize chastity, while in fact, it shows false purity and hypocrisy. Tom, being physically abusive twice throughout the novel, shows his aggression to Daisy when bruising Carelessness essay finger.

However, by drawing a special attention to the similar shape and size of the islands, Fitzgerald seems to emphasize the idea, that in fact, the difference can hardly be seen from a distance. Being a lot less than cautious, her affair with Tom is figured out and she is locked in her room by George, escaping into the night only to be hit by whom her husband and others believe is Gatsby.

A number of tiny details depicting the importance of money and the carelessness in the s society are found in the description of the cocktail parties, expensive evening dresses and jewelry, tremendously ornate houses and new cars.

This is not a good thing to have in a relationship because in a love relationship both of the male and female must be able to trust each other.

It is difficult to say that he is at fault for the same as George and Tom. As opposed to reacting harshly and becoming violent and hasty, he childishly decides to leave the city as soon as possible with her in order to keep her to himself as if he were desperately trying to hold onto the only thing he believes he has.

Myrtle is often walking past him as if he is invisible as he does all that she asks him to. She also does not know that Nick only likes her for the liveliness she brings into his life.

The following sample focuses on all of these subjects and should give you plenty of inspiring ideas to work with.

Tom becomes careless in behavior, showing that he is one of the stereotypical wealthy men with both money and a social class, being corrupted by his wealth to an extent as well as holding himself above all others, seemingly mainly Gatsby throughout the novel.

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While too much care can be a problem, too little care can also prove to be hazardous. The impact can be positive or negative depending on whether the people in the relationship get along.

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George is unable to recognize the affair that his wife, Myrtle is having until it is too late to confront her. This is because a relationship with Jordan would get rid of the loneliness he faces when he is at home. Green has always been associated with hope; however, some imply to it the notion of money being associated with dollars as well.

The tough world of money where Carelessness essay rich could do whatever they wanted to do, while the poor had no other choice but to endure is an undeniable opposite to the values that have been hypocritically praised in the s America.

Our features Any deadline. We can never compromise on that. It is possible to be careless in some aspects of life, while being very careful in other aspects of life like Nick. More-so after discovering Gatsby and Daisy were having an affair to which he retorts with immature behavior, lying to George about Gatsby having run over Myrtle, killing her instantly despite barely knowing what had really happened himself.Open Document.

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THE CARELESSNESS OF TOM, DAISY AND JORDAN IN THE GREAT GATSBY F. Scott Fitzgerald, the author of the novel The Great Gatsby, depicts the rich as a fickle, unstructured group of people whose sole purpose in life is to make every waking moment as pleasurable as possible.

The carelessness exemplified by Tom and Daisy Buchanan is a carelessness of the elite, the brutal and thoughtless power that the 'haves' of this world can exert, most particularly on the 'have-nots.'. For example, you can analyze the notion of the American dream through symbolism in The Great Gatsby essay, or through carelessness in The Great Gatsby essay, or even through wealth in The Great Gatsby essay.

Carelessness in the Great Gatsby Essay Sample. Being careless can be defined as not showing or receiving care. The tendency to be careless is a. Carelessness Essay Examples.

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