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The next oversight report describes and analyses those problems and presents solutions and recommendations. Hollandsworth is revenue center. Scandinavia and Axeon case study Europe.

At the beginning the organization structure of the company was based on a simple functional organizational structure consisting of one manufacturing division and a sales division.

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V is a multinational Company specializing in the manufacturing of industrial chemicals. There was no mention of the fixed costs of maintenance, machinery, employee salaries, training, etc. There Axeon case study no significant mention of the market analysis for the product, the business, or how the company would go about selling the product and gaining half of the market share.

The proximity of the Dutch factory is an asset to the company for making the product nearby instead of building a new factory 4 Q3. The case didnt explain any issues and provide solutions.

This was mirrored in the comment made by Mr. He must decide to increase production in the Netherlands and distribute through the UK subsidiary.

Leuven himself is also Dutch and would lose the support of his countrymen if he were to agree to the new facility. After the acquiring of the foreign based companies Axeon became a multinational company.

Catherine Levine, Xiaoli Huo, Xin Yu, Radu Popescu and Tore Kot Winge

They have acquired other companies, in order to be present in those markets, with the products of the acquired subsidiaries The company intends to establish itself on a multinational level 5. There is also a risk with borrowing money from the bank, the interest rate may be variable and there is only a mention of a fixed interest rate.

It would be fair to use a negotiated transfer price which would benefit both profit centers, especially because the UK subsidiary researched the market for this endeavor and presented the idea to the Dutch company what the market potential for AR Axeon can produce additional tons annually with its existing capacity so Fixed Cost per ton can be considered as 0.

Question 6 Critical success factors in Axeon: Ian also did not present possible competitors in the UK market, although the consumption was mentioned, there was no mention of how or where the UK purchased their product.

Subsidiaries are allowed to build their own manufacturing plants if they could justify. Ian must be rewarded because of his incentive. Case analysis reveals that not yet is the proposal incorrectly constructed but is further more prenominal baseless and would not have been presented if proper performance management systems had been in place.

What do you feel about the initial analysis? They make chemicals on a large scale in their own factories, training their workers themselves, and they sell these products themselves.

Was there, in your opinion, anything wrong with it? As a side issue, Mr. They should set up a financial center as well, to change the control system and pricing structure. There is an overall mention of cost, but no individual breakdown, which would allow for a more in-depth analysis of the project.

Action controls can enhance their culture control objectives, especially with their mass-manufacture of chemicals, which still be the company focus, but will only be improved with these new controls being implemented.

Subsidiaries can change their own production methods, marketing strategy, financial planning. The case isnt salutary presented.

No, the construction of the new factory in the UK is not in the best interest of the company because of Mr.the case Axeon should respect the autonomys right of subsidiaries as the reward from MOS at Western University.

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Axeon N.V. Case Study

the case, Axeon should respect the autonomy’s right of subsidiaries as the reward plan is fully based on the local division results, Case Study Axeon N.V.

AXEON is an innovative leader in the manufacturing of reverse osmosis systems, membranes, housings, chemicals and components. For over two decades, AXEON has manufactured all of its products in the U.S.A.

and to the highest quality.

Axeon Case Solution Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Axeon is a leading technology developer, designer and manufacturer of complete Lithium-ion battery systems for Electric and Hybrid Electric vehicles (EVs and HEVs). To date over a million miles have been driven on the roads of Europe and the US i.

Written analyses of case studies found in the textbook will be used as a vehicle for applying the concepts discussed in class. Cases marked “SUMIT” on the syllabus are to be turned in for grading.


Axeon N.V. Case Study. Company Strategy: Axeon acquired three foreign companies in Milan, London and Sweden to take advantage of geographical expertise in these subsidiaries - Axeon N.V.

Case Study introduction And the company emphasizes a high degree of decentralization from top-level management. MANAGEMENT CONTROL SYSTEMS Performance Measurement, Evaluation and Incentives Third Edition Kenneth A.

Merchant University of Southern California Axeon N.V. Alcon Laboratories, Inc. 4 Control System Tightness Tight results control Tight action controls

Axeon case study
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