Attrition rate in it industry essay

Furthermore, the study would be able to show the importance of the call center industry in the city of Manila.

Employee Attrition

But what is attrition? Over the past years, the BPO industry has expanded amongst the different industries in the world. The group will only focus on the causes and the effects of attrition in the said industry. Thus, in light of providing resolution to the matter, retention programs are presented to help the companies resolve this matter.

Objectives This paper intends to achieve the following purposes: High attrition implies that certain necessary skills are vulnerable or are not present due to employees being lost. New hires need to be constantly added, further costs in training them, getting them aligned to the company culture, etc.

Simply put, it is the reduction in the number of employees through retirement, resignation, etc. Definition of Terms Attrition — a reduction in the number of employees or participants that occurs when people leave because they resign, retire, etc.

The factors like skill sets, job satisfaction drive the employment and not just the money.

Analysis of Attrition in It Industry

Rise of costs was the major problem for small funded companies to survive. Assumption and Hypotheses Call center agents resign from their currents posts because they are not pappy with what they do. This difference in orientation calls for a closer look at factors influencing attrition and how it can be managed in the off shoring context.

As such, there will be no assurance that the new one could provide the same quality of work. Also, the demanding nature of work in the industry requires effective strategies to retain its workforce. There will always be that feeling of being unsatisfied and it will always bother them.

Employees may opt to choose companies that could pay them higher than what can their current employers can offer. The focus of the extant research has been on explaining the turnover intentions of IT professionals with a variety of factors playing a significant role.

Attrition Rate in the Call Center Industry Attrition has been an evident problem for every organization due to either jack of appreciation or lack of proper job sculpting. It results in lower than optimal levels of business performance.The study of the attrition rate of various IT companies was undertaken.

The employees ofInfosys, Wipro, Geometrics Software, Digital Technologies, and Syntel took part in the test. The results were tabulated and a number of findings were made.

Attrition Rate in It Industry Essay average attrition rate is projected to grow at 31 per cent in Indian firms in the April-June quarter, a rise of per cent from the preceding quarter (January-March).

This turnover is normally known as. Defining attrition: A reduction in the number of employees through retirement, resignation or death.

Defining Attrition rate: The rate of shrinkage in size or number. Essay, Case Study, Textbook Solution.

cause the rise in attrition rate of shared services industry. Factors determined such as. management/superior, compensation and benefits, career and personal growth are some. common causes of attrition rate in a certain organization.

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Employee attrition rate is also known as employee turnover. This rate shows how often the employees at a place of business change over the course of a month. Usually companies prefer a low attrition rate, but the rates differ based on the industry. For example, a fast food restaurant will have a higher employee turnover compared to a .

Attrition rate in it industry essay
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