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This way, the brand could build and grow organically with the platform. Having a local presence in each market is a critical social opportunity, so growth and complexity simply must be managed within the same solution.

WEED OUT After one-on-one phone calls, non-customized demos, and research, the Drafthouse team determined that the pool of sophisticated platform solutions that met their needs was meager. Drafthouse observed differences between scrolling through a website and watching a promotional ad, to witnessing firsthand how the products were being used in live demos.

This would provide appropriate team members granular access to everything contingent upon a crisis occurrence, allowing key stakeholders to take action fast. Or skip the screen altogether and just enjoy a relaxed dinner at the Vetted Well restaurant.

Alamo Drafthouse_Case Study

For example, their holiday movie season became the number one priority, and temporarily put their social transition on the back burner. According to James Wallace, creative manager for Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas DFW, the fact that Vetted Well is drawing lunch and dinner traffic before its official opening is an encouraging sign.

Do the buttons make sense?


A platform with governance features that the brand was looking for would allow Drafthouse to add as many users as needed, per market, while implementing fine-grained, rolebased, and account-based access.

And naturally, that success has propelled them to large-scale expansion across the United States. Visibility and communication style were important too, as Drafthouse prides itself in being a local Austin business with an established and distinct personality. GOVERNANCE Permissions and automated rules to establish routing protocols, approval flows, and policy compliance were pivotal to Drafthouse in scalability, and allowed them to simultaneously maintain focus on local efforts.

ASSESS The platforms that did meet the desired criteria required a more thorough, inperson assessment by the Drafthouse team, with the two biggest contenders taking up the most amount of time. Zach started his career at two prominent international Alamo drafthouse case study firms in New York City before settling in Dallas.

At the latest About Town in March, TREC Young Guns enjoyed a sneak peek of the new cinema, which highlighted the attention to detail that went into developing the world-class venue and its contribution to the revitalization of the Cedars community.

Is it easy to customize? Were the key functionalities that were previously pitched really that functional? Drafthouse needed to monitor and filter incoming social conversations through moderation dashboards with the capability to filter inbound messages by keyword, status, sentiment, channel, or priority level.

With cinemas opening in Brooklyn, L. This allowed the team to assess some key functionality points: Drafthouse now has their social media channels throughout their entire social web and national markets housed in one place.

The team needed features to drill into conversations directly from reporting, while sustaining the capability to filter by response time, resolution, queue processing time, user reporting, and more. Boasting two roof decks and a full restaurant with downtown skyline views, the Alamo Drafthouse integrates into its community and invites community members to engage with one another.Case Studies; Alamo Drafthouse; Hospitality Case Study Dining & Themed Lobby: Alamo Drafthouse.

Challenges; Solutions; Results; THE FORCE HAS AWAKENED in Nebraska of all places. The Alamo Drafthouse cinema chain has opened a new venue in Omaha, complete with an immersive, multi-zoned dining and entertainment.

The Mainstreet Theater is joining the Alamo Drafthouse fully renovated, spectacular centerpiece of Kansas City's Power & Light Entertainment District — is now an official Alamo Drafthouse location in Kansas City, Missouri. For the time being, the Mainstreet will continue to operate business-as-usual on its own while signature Alamo Drafthouse touches are implemented — touches.

View Case Study (The Alamo Drafthouse) from OPERATIONS at RMU. CASE STUDY (The Alamo Drafthouse) Operations Management MGT Racheal Atherton 1) Marketing analysts use market position86%(14). Case Study: Alamo Drafthouse 1. Marketing analysts use market position maps to display visually the customers' perceptions of a firm in relation to its competitors regarding two attributes.

CASE STUDY Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Austin, TX Daniel Osborne needed a solution to the growing number of air quality complaints from patrons and staff. READY OR CLEANER AIR IN YOUR ACILITIES? Find out how AeraMax Professional can. THE CASE OF THE THREE SIDED DREAM.

| 88 min | NR. Buy Tickets Alamo Drafthouse unveils new film advertising shop.

Business Spotlight: First-year Run

Electric Owl Creative to create trailers and advertising for film distributors and filmmakers across the globe. More News. Alamo Drafthouse.


Alamo drafthouse case study
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